President Al-Assad, Khaji emphasize the need to continue the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee without foreign interference

President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday received Ali Asghar Khaji, Senior Aid to Iran's Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, and the accompanying delegation.

Discussions during the meeting focused on the strategic relations between Syria and Iran as well as cooperation in all domains, mainly economy to help the Syrian people confront the siege and the unilateral coercive measures imposed on their country. 

Talks focused on several political topics, including the meetings held in Astana format and the need to build on what has been achieved in previous meetings, in addition to the topics on the agenda of the next meeting in the Russian city of Sochi. 

The two sides also talked about the meetings of the constitutional committee on Syria recently held in Geneva, emphasizing the need to continue the work of this committee without foreign interference in accordance with the rules of procedures that were previously agreed upon and with a clear work mechanism that starts with discussing the main principles and reaching rapprochement on them and then moving to other details.

 The latest developments in Syria, Iran and the region were also discussed.

Hamda Mustafa