President Al-Assad awards Director of the General Authority for Schools of Martyrs’ Sons and Daughters with Syrian Merit Medal

In recognition of her national career and great efforts in taking care of  the sons and daughters of martyrs in the humane, social and educational levels, President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday awarded the Syrian Merit Medal of excellent class to Ms. Shahira Fallouh, Director of the General Authority for Schools of the Martyrs’ Sons and Daughters.

 During the awarding ceremony of  the medal, President Al-Assad praised the rich march of Mrs. Fallouh since the seventies when she was struggling to upgrade the status of women in society through her membership in the Women's Union and in the People's Assembly. The President highlighted the important and successful role she played through caring for the sons and daughters of the martyrs and her tireless endeavor to compensate them for what they lost to make them special people in society.

In turn, Fallouh thanked President al-Assad for this honor, considering that it constitutes a motivation for her and all the school staff for more giving. She expressed pride in her work over the past years with the children of the martyrs who are the trust of those who sacrificed their blood for the sake of the homeland.

President Bashar Al-Assad had issued Decree No. 11 of 2021 to award Ms. Shahira Fellouh the Syrian Merit Medal of the first class in appreciation of her outstanding services in the field of administration and caring for the children of martyrs.

Inas Abdulkareem