President Al-Assad visits the Electronic Citizen Service Center in Damascus

Damascus, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad visited on Wednesday the Electronic Citizen Service Center in Damascus, which began providing services to citizens.

President Al-Assad discussed with the center’s staff the mechanism of work , which is mainly based on the orders of transactions and personal documents online . Citizens are able to obtain  any document or order from their home or  place of work without the need to go to public departments to fill the necessary applications .

His Excellency also listened to a detailed explanation about the forms of transactions currently provided by the center and other transactions or documents that would be later provided for the citizens. The electronic services will facilitate the administrative procedures, save a lot of time, effort and money, and ensure transparency in the procedures and required documents.

At the end of his visit, President Al-Assad thanked the cadre for carrying out their  basic and essential work in an orderly manner calling for intensifying work in cooperation with all ministries in order to cover all domains that could ease the burden on the citizen.

Raghda Sawas