President al-Assad in a speech to the members of the People's Assembly: There is no difference between a local terrorist, an imported one or a Zionist, Turkish or American soldier, as they are all enemies on our land

Damascus, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad affirmed that the war will not prevent us from carrying out our duties, and the people are adapting to all different circumstances, no matter how difficult.

President al-Assad indicated in a speech to the members of the People's Assembly for the third legislative session that, this session was supposed to be held under the dome of the People’s Assembly as usual, but in light of the measures taken to confront the coronavirus, the session was held at the People’s Palace.

The President said that the election of your honorable assembly constitutes a historical stage of the war, the details of which have been written by our people by the voters ’choice, will and challenge.

President al-Assad added that, "the elections you recently attended are different, because despite the Corona epidemic and its impact on the reluctance of some to participate, there was a real competition, and this competition comprises a national movement, and any national movement is a positive movement because it expresses national commitment."

"We heard a lot of criticism about the People's Assembly elections, and part of it may be true, but the most important positive thing is to see our problems honestly," he said.

President Al-Assad made it clear that the successful plans are based on strategic visions, and your assembly has a pivotal role in the dialogue, which is an important bridge between the citizen and the executive authority.

President al-Assad stressed that the flaw in legislation harms institutions and the citizen’s confidence in them and causes instability  , and any defect in legislation will lead to a defect in the work of any official.

 The President added that, "anyone who has the minimum level of patriotism will not accept defeatist solutions after all the sacrifices offered.

President al-Assad made it clear that the “Caesar Act” is not in isolation from previous stages like the siege that affected the Syrian people adversely

His Excellency stated that the United States needs terrorists in the region, on top of which is “ISIS”  - the "Caesar Act" expresses its support for terrorists, indicating that the practical response to the blockade would be to increase production and self-reliance.

He added, "Let us remember that our standing with the army was the reason for its achievements, and our standing with our Syrian pound would be the reason for its strength."

President al-Assad indicated that the Israeli aggressions on Deir Ezzor facilitated the movement of “ISIS” terrorists, explaining that there is no difference between a local terrorist, a home grown one , or a Zionist, Turkish or American soldier, as all of them are enemies on our land.

He indicated that, "contrary to what some believe, the circumstance is now the appropriate for the injection of funds, affirming that, foreign investors are cowardly, and national investors  should not be cowardly because when they are the homeland loses."

President al-Assad stressed that focus must be placed on supporting small investment for its ability to support the national economy and face the blockade, and that the agricultural sector is the pillar of the national economy and must be supported, indicating that urgent reforms in the agricultural sector are capable of giving quicker and broader results than other sectors.

He said that, "we continue to fight corruption because corruption forms holes in the economy, holes in morals, and a drain on the homeland and fighting corruption has not stopped one day, but it has escalated in recent years."

President al-Assad continued by saying that, “corruption negatively affects the economy.  It targets morals and society, and contributes to the depletion of the wealth of homeland”

President Al-Assad added that, "we are in the heart of the war and we are talking about the liberation of the various lands and regions, but the return of state authority will be through the return of the rule of law, not just the liberation of lands. He added that, law and corruption cannot meet in one place."

President stressed that the country cannot stand while being thwarted by terrorists and looted by the corrupt, and that deterrence is the last factor in combating corruption and we will continue to recover public stolen funds by legal means and through institutions.

President al-Assad affirmed that, “we must think about what secures the citizen’s sustenance, away from  poverty and want from him, and promotes hope and work, without which life has no meaning”.

About the Palestinian issue President Al-Assad said that, Israel will remain the enemy, and Palestine will remain our central issue, and the war has proven Syria's positions as right. 

He added that, “the Golan will remain in the heart of every honorable Syrian. Any Zionist or American decree to annex the Golan will make no difference to us. Our right to return the Golan is inseparable from our right to liberate all our lands from terrorism.”


Raghda Sawas