On the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Arab army: President al-Assad: The Syrian Army has always been with the people during the terrorist war

Damascus (ST): President Bashar Al-Assad the commander in chief of the army and armed forces  has affirmed that that the men of the army have always been with our great people during different stages of the aggressive terrorist war, noting that  the achievements they realized were great.

In a speech delivered to the armed forces and published in “Jaish al-Sha’ab”  (the People’s Army) magazine on the 75th anniversary of army foundation, President al-Assad expressed high appreciation and pride in the great victories realized by the army men, noting that the Army Day represents the confirmation of the values of genuineness, belongingness and dignified future.

“ You, brave men of our armed forces, have always been with our great people during all the stages of the aggressive terrorist war at the time some parties imagined that they could subjugate your strong will, but you defeated their delusive arrogance. You have proved that you are the men of sacrifice and bravery who do not know fear or hesitation and who pay their lives as a dear price for the dignity of their homeland and people”, President al-Assad said, adding that the army’s great victories have been clearly manifested throughout the past nine years of the terrorist war during which the colonialist forces practiced all forms of terrorism and aggression against Syria and its steadfast people. 

The President concluded his speech extending congratulations to all army personnel on this glorious day in which army members renew their pledge to defend the homeland and its sovereignty, calling on them to press ahead with their heroic march of liberating the homeland from terrorism and occupation.