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President al-Assad urges the newly appointed Minister of Internal trade to control commodity's prices in local markets

The new Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Talal al-Barazi was sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad .
The President urged the new minister to observe the prices in markets and to prevent commodity monoploy.
He wished the minister success in his task. 
Three days ago, President Bashar al-Assad appointed Talal al-Barazi as a  new Minister for Internal Trade  and Consumer Protection. 
According to the Syrian Presidency Facebook account, the president issued two decrees. The first one No. 122 for the year 2020 which provides for ending the appointment of Dr. Atef al-Naddaf as Minister of Internal Trade  and Consumer Protection. While the second decree No. 123 provides for appointing the Governor of Homs  Mr. Talal al-Barazi as Minister of Internal Trade  and Consumer Protection.
Basma Qaddour