President Al-Assad: Erdogan stole Syrian factories, oil and wheat and today he is stealing Syrian land

IDLEB, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan is a thief who stole the Syrian factories, wheat and oil and today he is stealing Syrian land.

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting with soldiers and officers of the Syrian Arab Army on the front lines in al-Hbeit town of Edlib countryside.

 Military situation on the ground specifies priority

The president affirmed that all the Syrian areas have the same importance, but what specifies priority is the military situation on the ground.

According to SANA, President Al-Assad said that “Idleb was an advanced outpost for them. The advanced outpost is usually located in the front lines, but in this case the battle is in the east and the advanced outpost is in the west. This is in order to disperse the forces of the Syrian Arab army.”

“We have been saying that the battle for Idleb is essential for ending chaos and terrorism in all the Syrian areas,” President Al-Assad added.

He made it clear that “when we are exposed to an aggression or robbery we must support each other and join efforts. But, some Syrians didn’t do that, particularly during the early years of the war… We asked them not to count on foreign parties…we told them that your bet should be on the army, the people and the homeland but nobody listened, and now they are counting on the Americans.”

President Al-Assad went on to say that as soon as the Turkish aggression started in the north of the country, we made contacts with the different political and military forces on the ground. We told them that we are ready to support any group that would resist.”

 “This it is not a political decision, it is in fact a constitutional and national duty and if we don’t do that, we don’t deserve this homeland,” the president emphasized.

Hamda Mustafa