President Al-Assad: The Success of the constitutional committee is associated with the non interference of foreign parties in its work

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the Syrian-Russian-Iranian coordination has resulted in the creation of the committee for discussing the Syrian constitution despite all the obstacles placed by some parties that support terrorism.

"The success of the constitutional committee in reaching useful results is associated with the non interference of foreign parties in its work," President Al-Assad said during his meeting on Tuesday with Ali Asghar Khaji, the Senior Aide of the Iranian Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, and the accompanying delegation.

 During the meeting, Khanji briefed President Al-Assad on the details of the recent trilateral summit of the leaders of Iran, Russia and Turkey, mainly regarding the situation in Idleb and the Syrian al-Jazira region as well as the constitutional committee.

The two sides discussed ideas for holding conferences dedicated to the Syrian refugees issue during the coming era.

President Al-Assad affirmed the importance of continuous constructive coordination between Syria, Iran and Russia on different issues relating to the situation in Syria and the region.
The President said that the United States and the West in general have lost hope in achieving the goals they have set for their schemes.

"What is going on now is a depletion of  resources and this is the same policy they are currently adopting towards Iran and its nuclear deal, President Al-Assad made it clear. He pointed out that with every political and military success there will be attempts to complicate all the files in the region, not only the Syrian file, but at the same time "we are becoming stronger and more efficient."

On his part, Khanji said that the continuous consultation with the Syrian leadership will be enhanced during the coming era, reiterating Iran's firm support for Syria in the coming political steps in a way that guarantees Syria's stability and security and preserves its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

In the same context, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates held talks with Khanji on the strategic relations between Syria and Iran as well as on the latest developments related to fighting terrorism in Syria and to the work of the constitutional committee.

The two sides stress the importance of continuous consultations and coordination in the face of all forms of coercive economic measures the two countries have been exposed to in order to pressure them to give up their sovereignty and independent decision and to subjugate them to the American hegemony schemes in the region.

Hamda Mustafa