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President al-Assad to Italian delegation: Most EU states' stances towards events in Syria have nothing to do with reality

President Bashar al-Assad has underscored that most of the European states have adopted a policy that serves the U.S. interests and not their own interests. 
His Excellency's remarks were made during today's meeting with an Italian delegation led by the Member of Senate Paolo Romani. 
The president stressed that since the very beginning the stances of most of the EU states towards Syria had nothing to do with the reality of the events.
"European politicians and parties must define the shape and the role of Europe they want to see," H.E. added.
According to the Syrian Presidency website, the talks between the President and the visiting Italian delegation dealt with the recent developments in Syria and reconstruction process. 
" There are positive developments despite the continuity of the policy of the states that have worked on fueling the war on Syria , mainly Turkey and the US and its tools. These states are still hindering the complete defeat of terrorism and the achievement of progress in political talks as well as the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland," the president said.
The delegation declared that the unrealistic tale about the events in Syria is losing its effect on the European public opinion, and the European governments have to adopt policies based on the reality of what has happened in Syria.  
Basma Qaddour