President al-Assad: Workers represent national and nationalist identity of any country

DAMASCUS,(ST)_President Bashar al-Assad has asserted the importance of the 3rd International Trade Union Forum held in Damascus to voice solidarity with Syrian workers and People, saying that workers
represent the national and nationalist identity of any country.
“When the workers are Ok, then the society will be Ok,” the president said during today’s meeting with a delegation representing the participants in the Forum held in Sahara complex between September 8-9.
H.E talked about the imbalance that resulted from the non-participation of productive forces, which is the largest segment, in making decisions and even in profits because of the major financial powers that want to
control the world to achieve their interests at the expense of workers who represents the peoples’ real interests.
“Syrian workers have played a key role throughout the history and this has manifested clearly in defending the country in its war against terrorism. Workers have not stopped going to their work despite risks,” the president said.
H.E. underlined that the Syrian vision is based on the fact that the worker’s role is an essential part in society and it is important for social and economic stability . “The Building of homeland necessitates the participation of all segments, and workers are the largest segment.”
The president answered the questions raised by the delegation’ members, who expressed their trust in Syria’s victory over terrorism.
Basma Qaddour