President Al-Assad: Recent Battles in Idleb Have Unveiled Ankara's Open, Limitless Support for Terrorists

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the recent battles in Idleb have unveiled Ankara's open and limitless support for terrorists in Syria.

President al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting on Tuesday with a delegation representing the Russian political party "United Russia" led by Member of the Russian State Duma Dmitry Sablin.

Talks during the meeting dealt with  developments of the war on terrorism in Syria.

Sablin and the accompanying delegation congratulated President Al-Assad on the victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab army over terrorist organizations, particularly in Idleb. They expressed confidence that these victories will lead at the end to achieving security and stability countrywide.

 President Al-Assad affirmed that the victories that have been achieved have proved the determination of the Syrian people and army to continue fighting the terrorists until every inch of the Syrian territory is liberated despite the continuous support provided to terrorist organizations by many western and regional parties, mainly Turkey.

The talks also focused on the agreements discussed during the delegation's previous visits to Syria as well as the already signed agreements and on boosting future cooperation to cover social, scientific and cultural domains.

Sablin, who is due to visit several Syrian provinces during the visit, expressed happiness over  the return of normal life to Syria.

Hamda Mustafa