President Al-Assad: Syrian-Russian Relations Based on Mutual Respect and Confidence

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad and his Russian Counterpart Vladimir Putin on Sunday exchanged congratulations on the 75th anniversary of establishing the Syrian-Russian diplomatic ties.

In his cable of congratulation, President Al-Assad  stressed that relations between Syria and Russia are based on mutual respect and confidence and that Russia has throughout history proved that it is a great state in terms of respecting international law and peoples' will, noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries, keenness on establishing security and stability in all parts of the world, disseminating the values of amity and peace vis a vis terrorism and extremism which is backed by some countries to serve their own interests.

 The president added that the Syrian people highly appreciate the bravery of the Russian soldiers who effectively participated in fighting terrorism in the Syrian territories. They also appreciate Russia's support for Syria at international forums in defense of the Syrian state's sovereignty and independent decision, not to mention the humanitarian stances of the Russian government and people towards the Syrian people.

On behalf of the Syrian people and on his own behalf, President Al-Assad expressed utmost pride over the historic friendship and the brotherly ties binding the Syrian and Russian peoples. He stressed the Syrian Arab Republic's keenness on enhancing bilateral relations in all fields in a way that benefits of the two countries and achieves their interests.

Putin Stresses Russia's continuous support for Syria

On his part, President Putin affirmed in his cable Russia's continuous support for Syria in defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity and in the reconstruction process.

He said that the two countries "have got wide experience in cooperation in all domains over the past decades and today Russia and Syria are allies in the fight against international terrorism and extremism".

"I am confident that joint efforts will lead to the complete defeat of terrorism in Syria," President Putin added, affirming that Russia will keep backing the country's counterterrorism and reconstruction efforts.

He pointed out that "consolidating the Russian-Syrian relations goes in line with our common interests and it proceeds in the track of enhancing regional and international peace and stability."

Hamda Mustafa