President Al-Assad Receives Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday received Patriarch Irinej of Serbia and the accompanying delegation.

Partiarch of Antioch and All East for Greek Orthodox Youhanna X Yazigi attended the meeting.

President Al-Assad reiterated that Syria and Serbia's confrontation of the attempts of foreign interference, which aim to confiscate their sovereignty and harm their social fabric, constitutes a solid ground for both sides to build popular dialogue and cooperation that would establish long-term relation as to serve the interests of the Syrian and Serbian peoples

President Al-Assad highly appreciated Patriarch Irinje deep humanitarian stances on enhancing the values of amity and abandoning extremism.

 On his part, Patriarch Irinej expressed his confidence that Syria will surpass the current difficult circumstances and restore its historical role as an influential state to establish stability and disseminate peace and amity in the region.

He said that his confidence in Syria's ability to come out of the crisis has been consolidated when he saw and felt the determination of the Syrian people to keep united against terrorism.

The patriarch hailed President Al-Assad's principled and firm stances in support for Serbia and Kosovo.

Hamda Mustafa