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President Al-Assad: Transparency Best Means to Build Effective Communication with Citizens

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the most important way for the government to build effective communication with citizens is to adopt transparency and provide information to citizens on all issues including on crises and emergency situations  that face the government and have direct impacts on citizens' life.

President Al-Assad made the remarks on Tuesday while chairing the Cabinet periodic meeting which focused on the need to put a specific mechanism and a strategy to enhance communication with Syrian citizens in the coming era.

 Weak communication and not succeeding in promoting the work of the state institutions have contributed to enlarging the image of the crises which have been created by enemies of the Syrian people over the  past eight years  at all levels, particularly the military, political and economic levels, President Al-Assad said, stressing the importance of putting a communication mechanism that allows citizens to know the policies implemented by the official establishments in the face of incorrect or fake news.

President Al-Assad affirmed that having dialogue with citizens, knowing how to address their issues and sending messages that meet their needs are the best way to know the developments taking place in society and to build good relation between the citizens and the government based on credibility.

Hamda Mustafa