"The future of Syria is decided only by the Syrians"


DAMASCUS, (ST)-"The local Administration is a very important experience in Syria…municipalities were accordingly granted the more of decentralism, particularly in accordance with Law N. 107 stipulations," said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a landmark speech to Syria's Local Administration elected councils mayors, President Assad outlined the role of the Local Councils as to achieve growth balance between all of Syria's regions and as to help central establishments to focus at auditing and comprehensive policies in the best investment for human and financial resources.

"Local Councils are more aware of local details in bolstering of local societies development and expanding participation from bottom to top and vice-versa. Partnership between society and the state is the democratic participation on the basis of comprehensive dialogue as a means for building and development," added H.E. President Assad.

President Assad, to the frequent thundering slogans of support, allegiance by the crowded hall, pointed out that backers of terrorism supported terrorism as to control of geography as much as it could as to weaken the control of the state and its sovereignty as to weaken social harmony and then divide our country," asserted President Assad,

President Assad noted that the plotters for exerting hegemony on the globe have not changed and the will of resistance is even more determined.


"Once terrorism is defeated, safety is back to the Syrians" underlined President Assad, lashing out at those who sold themselves to the enemies and who are exposed in sale and even with no price now.

"The Homeland is for its people: it is like their soul and it is never for the thieves. Nothing could bestow value for man except belonging to true people," added President Assad, calling on all to join reconciliations, hand over their arms and refrain from their evil.

"Syria has been steadfast because it is strong where our Armed Forces and supportive forces and our allies, friends and brothers, because of the wide popular support and national unity and by the support of Syrians who were forced to remain among the terrorist, and because of the unity of all Syrians. We together achieve victory and never against each others; hence the war is but against terrorism. It is a victory against terrorism," outlined President Assad.

President Assad called on all the Syrians who were forced to leave Syria to come back home, citing the obstacles put down by some countries, where refugees file was prepared by a year before the war start as to create humanitarian suffering and condemn the Syrian Government.

"The refugees for us are human dignity and families and never blackmailing chips nor political tools and I do call on them to return to their homeland, which is need for all of them," asserting the importance of a ripe comprehensive dialogue.

"We have to focus at common things, variety culture. Dialogue has to be fruitful and based on facts. Criticism is necessary and we need it," said President Assad, citing the wars launched against Syrians, including the military, siege and sanctions, social media and internet, and that by the corrupted.

President Assad called for transparency in dealing with the citizens by establishments, citing the recent gas shortages, warning against anti-Syria forces' bids to weaken and punish the citizens, especially after their failure in their war of terrorism against Syrians.

President Assad called for appropriate criteria and measures as to apply laws and even-handedly share available resources among all governorates in Syria.

"The future of Syria is decided only by the Syrians. Friends offer consultations and the UN role is welcome, if on the basis of its Charter," underscored President Assad, reiterating that the enemies of Syria are never to achieve through politics what they failed to achieve through terrorism, pointing out that the talked about Constitutional Committee seemed to be comprising those true Syrian and those lackey affiliated to foreign countries.

"Syria was safeguarded by the steadfastness of the Syrians and their stances with their Armed Forces," asserted President Assad.

On Turkey's Erdogan policies against Syria, President Assad asserted that Erdogan has ever been the boy for Americans and then any span of Syrian soil will definitely be liberated from any occupiers.

President Assad reiterated the call on the Syrians to stand with their real defenders as to defeat all terrorists as the Americans are surely to let them down.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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