Agreements Reached between Syria and Iran Would Enhance Two Countries’ Steadfastness against Western-Led Economic War

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad and Iran’s First Vice President Es'haq  Jahangiri on Tuesday discussed results of the meetings of the Syrian-Iranian Higher Committee which concluded yesterday in Damascus.

Eleven agreements, including the long-term strategic economic cooperation agreement, were signed during the meetings.

 President Al-Assad and Jahangiri expressed satisfaction over the results and affirmed the need to continuously follow up the implementation and reactivation of the signed deals.

The agreements and cooperation projects reached between Syria and Iran have a strategic dimension and form a strong economic base that would contribute to enhancing the steadfastness of Syria and Iran in the face of the western-led economic war targeting the two countries, President Al-Assad stressed.

 President Al-Assad reiterated the importance of intensifying joint efforts as to foil the schemes of the western states which keep trying to weaken the two countries in order to control their independent decision and to break the will the peoples after they failed to achieve this goal through supporting terrorism.  

On his part, Jahangiri said that the visit of the Iranian delegation to Syria and holding the higher committee’s meetings at this time carries a message to both the Syrian people and the international community that Iran, which has supported Syria in its war on terrorism will continue to back it in the reconstruction era.

He affirmed that Syria has been in the frontline in the war on terrorism and that the successes achieved in this respect have contributed to preventing terrorism from spreading to other countries despite some countries refusal so far to acknowledge this fact.

 President Al-Assad and Jahangiri affirmed that the Syrian-Iranian relations are deep-rooted and they have formed over the past years a point of strength for both countries.

Hamda Mustafa