Syrian-Russian Continuous Coordination and Cooperation in Fighting Terrorism Stressed

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday received a deleagtion representing the United Russia Party, led by Dmitry Sablin, member of the State Duma.

The meeting focused on the efforts that have been exerted to enhance the Syrian-Russian relations.

President Al-Assad affirmed the importance of cooperation and coordination between Syria and Russia, particularly in fighting terrorism and in the political and economic fileds.

The pressure and hostile policies adopted by some western countries against Russia after every victory achieved against terrorists in Syria is a clear evidence that the terrorist war waged on the Syrian people is no more confined to Syria only, President Al-Assad said, affirming the importance of strengthening the Syrian-Russian relations in the this key era of the region's history.

 On their part, members of the Russian delegation affirmed the importance of joint action by Moscow and Damascus to confront the schemes of some western countries which continue to work as to destabilize the countries with which they differ in policy and to weaken and fragment the socities of these countries.

The Russian side expressed satisfaction over the level of cooperation between Syria and Russia. Members of the guest delegation expressed their viewpoint on what has been achieved and on what can be done to achieve the hoped-for progress that serves the interests of the friendly peoples of the two countries.

Hamda Msutafa