Key Role of People's Organizations and Unions in Raising Arab Societies' Awareness about Conspiracies Stressed

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that people's organizations and unions play important role in protecting Arab societies and raising their awareness about the dangers and conspiracies facing them, foremost of which are the attempts to undermine the Arab identity and the national belongingness of the Arab peoples in order to weaken their faith in Arab causes and in their ability to defend their legitimate rights.

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting on Monday with a delegation representing Arab Lawyers' Union led by Nasser Hamoud Al-Kreween, the Union's Secretary General. Talks dealt with the situation in Arab countries and means to find a way out of the crises these countries suffer.

 The problems which are facing Arab countries are all the same, but they differ in the shape, President Al-Assad said, pointing out that the first step to tackle these problems is adopting dialogue and transparency, because the absence of dialogue has accumulated these problems over decades.

Normal ties between Syria and other Arab countries should be restored

On their part, members of the delegation affirm the union's determination to draw up  a systematic plan to play an effective role in raising the awareness of Arab peoples about dangers, particularly because the coming era will be more dangerous in the light of the West's attempts to use new means and tools to pass its schemes in the region.

The delegation hailed the steadfastness of  Syria's leadership, people and army against the terrorist war hatched against the country. They stressed their support for the restoration of normal ties between Syria and other Arab countries, noting that Syria has been targeted because of its adherence to national Arab principles and causes, mainly the Palestinian cause.

The guest delegation comprises head of the Arab Lawyers Union, Head of Egypt's Lawyers' Syndicate, Head of Jordan's Lawyers' Syndicate and the assistant secretary generals of the Arab Lawyers' Union.

Hamda Mustafa