President Al-Assad: Media Must Be the First to Tackle Gaps in Arab Societies



DAMASCUS, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the media must be the first to tackle the gaps in Arab societies; the gaps which are basically linked to the identity crisis in the Arab region which the West exploited to penetrate Arab societies and interfere in the internal affairs of the region's countries.

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting on Monday with a delegation representing the General Secretariat of the Arab Journalists Federation.

Discussions during the meeting focused on the important role that must be played by media at the Arab arena,as foreign wars waged on the Arab region are mainly intellectual and media kind of war. 

President Al-Assad affirmed that it is important to immunize workers in the media domain in order to immunize the peoples, because the west has for decades been manipulating concepts, therefore, the main role the media should play is to disseminate awareness and present all the information to the peoples to help them analyze the data and understand  what is going on around them.

Members of the delegation asserted that the Arab Journalists Federation's unanimous decision to hold its General Secretariat meeting in Damascus aimed at conveying a message to the world that Arab federations and syndicates are supporting Syria in its war on terrorism. They hailed the Syrian people's awareness which enabled them to keep steadfast in the face of the heinous war despite the huge foreign support for this war.

The guest delegation made it clear that winning the media war necessitates a change in the media discourse and language in order to have more influence on the public, thereby, possessing the tools to fortify the Arab people in the face of the foreign schemes that aim at dividing and fragmenting Arab societies.   


Hamda Mustafa