President Al-Assad Receives Jordanian Lawmakers, Stresses Parliamentarians' Role in Disseminating Awareness about Reality of Battle Facing Arab Region

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has underscored the importance of parliamentary delegations' visits to Syria, because they reflect the real stances of peoples and represent the compass of bilateral relations between countries; relations that should be based on achieving the interests and aspiration of the peoples.

President Al-Assad was speaking during a meeting on Monday with a Jordanian parliamentary delegation that comprised heads of some Jordanian Parliament committees and led by MP Abul Karim al-Daghmi. Talks focused on the importance of reactivating the Syrian-Jordanian relations in all fields as to serve the interests of the peoples of the two brotherly countries.

 President Al-Assad affirmed the important role Arab parliamentarians can play in disseminating awareness about the reality of the battle facing the Arab region, which doesn't only target Syria, but it is a long battle with a core goal of hitting Arab belongingness as to facilitate the achievement of all foreign schemes.

The president stressed that the adherence of the Syrian people and army to their national belongingness has been a key factor in the Syrians' steadfastness despite all attempts to target this belongingness.

On their part, members of the guest delegation said that the Jordanian people have always supported the Syrian people in the face of the terrorist war, because Syria is at the forefront in defense of  the entire Arab region. They stressed that Syria's victory in this war will be a victory for all Arab countries over the western schemes which aim at destabilizing and fragmenting the region to serve Israel's security.  

The Jordanian MPs asserted that the Syrian people's cohesion with their leadership and army has foiled conspiracies and helped Syria remain the free Arab resistant voice and the beating heart of Arabism

 Hamda Mustafa