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Food Security Has Been Key Factor in Enhancing Syria's Independent Decision

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Basher Al-Assad on Thursday received members of the Executive Office of the Arab Agricultural Engineers Union.

"One of the key factors which have contributed to enhancing Syria's independent decision over the past decades has been the food security guaranteed by the country's agricultural sector," President Al-Assad stressed, adding that "thus, one of the first goals of the terrorist groups in Syria was cutting the roads to hinder the delivery of agricultural crops in implementation of foreign schemes against the region that aim at preventing the region's countries from owning their decision.

President Al-Assad said that besides their vocational role, unions can play a political role as a real mediator between the executive authority and the people and can play a social role because of their being close to all categories of society. He affirmed that these unions should implement their role in disseminating awareness against the dangers and problems the Arab societies are facing, including social disintegration that may help hostile countries achieve their schemes in igniting civil wars in the region.

"Real development of any sector  needs possessing the keys for technological  and research development," President Al-Assad reiterated.  

Members of the delegation congratulated Syria, as a leadership and people, on its imminent victory in the terrorist war imposed on the country.

They said that the Syrians are productive people and their achievement of self-sufficiency in agricultural has been one of the factors of their steadfastness in the war that targeted the basic elements of their lives. They expressed confidence that the strong elements of agricultural sector in Syria will enable it to develop its skills and restore the level its production.

Hamda Mustafa