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Syrians Never Forget the Kidnapped


DAMASCUS, (ST)_  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received today the liberated kidnapped citizens from Al-Sweida Governorate along with their families.

''The Syrians, happy over the liberation of the last batch of Al-Sweida kidnapped, are never ever to forget their missing or kidnapped persons in other regions of Syria; the State, with all of its establishments, do consider their cause on top of its priorities and is indeed very keen on reaching to them and on liberating them whatever the way might be,'' President Assad said.

''Thanks are due to the men of the hero Syrian Arab Army, without of their sacrifices, martyrs and wounded, no kidnapped could return, and  without such Army all of Syria  would have been kidnapped. The Army has been protecting Syria and her soil, dignity and people. Every kidnapped liberated was liberated by the blood of the hero Syrian Arab Army. And every one who abstained from the service of the Army and the Homeland shoulders the responsibility for every martyr lost by Syria and by his family.'' Added President Assad.


''Your steadfastness and stances, though of the threats surrounding you, are the source of pride for all Syrians, which prove that dignity and steadfastness are top among the Syrian People characteristics. The Syrian People have been fighting during the past years as to safeguard and protect Syria, their dignity and honour taking the steadfastness of our people in the Syrian Arab Golan as the leading example for nationalism and dignity of the Syrians who are never to compromise on a single grain of the soil of their homeland,'' outlined H.E. President Assad.

''Nationalism and defense of the homeland is never by words but in the battle field. The people of Al-Sweida are the grandsons of Sultan Basha Al-Atrash, who never run away from an enemy targeting them. As Sultan Basha Al-Atrash, the symbol for all Syrians, defended the soil of Syria, not only of his region or city, there are the grandsons of the Sultan in Al-Sweida who sacrifice their lives in defence of all Syria and of their families.'' President Assad outlined to the thundering chants and slogans of loyalty, allegiance and appreciations.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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