Determination to Eliminate Terrorism Reiterated. President Assad.


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ the preparations for the battle of Idleb caused a hysteria condition for  Western countries as the liberation of Idleb, the last fortification for terrorist organizations,  would but put an end to the war of terrorism against Syria and foil their schemes as to prolong this war, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad outlined.

Presiding over the meeting of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) here today, President Assad, the BASP Regional Secretary General, reiterated that the Syrian Army would after the liberation of Idleb liberate the remaining areas, which also was another cause for the said hysteria.

President Assad pointed out that the latest agreement about Idleb, a temporary agreement, did bring gains on the ground with concrete territorial advances where the agreement securing of the safe zones bordering the region specified by the agreement did also spare much blood.


The victories achieved by Syria against terrorism made many Arab and Western countries seek to re-open channels of communications with Syria following their failure in achieving their plans through their support to and financing for the terrorist organizations in Syria.

The closer we are to victory, the more difficult the situation could be given schemes as to weaken and destroy Syria politically, socially and economically, out lined President Assad.

We are moving into the genuine battle as to rehabilitate those who were the hotbed for terrorism and chaos as to spare Syria's stability another setback, the BASP Regional Secretary General underscored.

President Assad called for a more active role by the BASP and its members all over Syria as to establish and achieve reconciliations, reinforce dialogue and consultations.



Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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