Bilateral Relations between Syria and Abkhazia to be bolstered

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad receiving the visiting President of Abkhazia, H.E. President Raul Khajimba.

 President Assad congratulated President Khajimba on the 10th anniversary of Abkhazia Independence, asserting the need as to bolster and activate the economic, social and cultural bilateral relations in line with their concord in political stances. The agreements to be signed during President Khajimba visit are to create strong bilateral relations at all levels.

President Khajimba voiced appreciations for and thanked Syria's courageous decision of the recognition of Abkhazia Independence and sovereignty, and renewed Abkhazia solidarity with the Syrian People and leadership in standing against terrorism, expressing full confidence that the Syrians are surely to restore security, safety and defeat whoever works against peace in Syria.

 Presidents Assad and Khajimba signed a treaty for friendship and cooperation between Syria and Abkhazia.


 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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