President Al-Assad: Tripartite Aggression on Syria Accompanied by Misinformation Campaign against Russia, Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the tripartite missile aggression by the United States , Britain and France on Syria was accompanied by a misinformation campaign at the Security Council by the same countries against Russia and Syria.

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting with a Russian delegation representing “United Russia”, the ruling party in Russia.

 President Al-Assad affirmed that the aggression and misinformation campaign once again prove that the Syria and Russia are in the same battle not only against terrorism but also to protect international law which is based on respecting the sovereignty of countries and the will of peoples.

President Al-Assad asserted the need to set up executive mechanisms to activate economic cooperation particularly in Syria reconstruction. He also stressed the importance of parliamentary cooperation between the two countries at international forums, particularly as the world political map is currently being drawn.

On their part, members of the Russian delegation condemned the tripartite aggression on Syria, stressing that it is a flagrant violation of international charters and it comes as the Syrians are seeking the restoration of stability and the reconstruction of what terrorism has destroyed in their country. They affirmed their country's firm support for Syria in the face of the terrorist war.

The guest delegation members also expressed willingness to deepen cooperation with Syria in different economic fields and in reconstruction process in Syria and to sign partnership agreements between the cities and provinces of both countries.


Hamda Mustafa