President Al-Assad Congratulates Russia’s Putin on Winning Presidential Elections

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday congratulated President Vladimir Putin of Russia on winning the country’s presidential elections after scoring more than 70% of the votes.

“Gaining such an exceptional confidence of the Russian people is a natural result of your highly distinguished and efficient performance in the service of Russia’s interests,” President Al-Assad said in his congratulation cable.  

 “Under your leadership, the Russian Federation has stood against terrorism in words and deeds and it has fought, along with the Syrian army, against takfiri terrorists in the entire Syrian territories,” President Al-Assad added, pointing out that this Russian contribution has rid many areas in the world from this plague which would have been expanded in the world without the role played by Russia in this respect.

President Putin is known of his honest stances which contain no hypocrisy or ambiguity, President Al-Assad stressed, hailing  Russia's stances at international gatherings; stances that reflect the pulse of the Russian people and that of all peoples who seek attaining justice among countries of the world on the basis of equal dignity.

Hamda Mustafa