Syria, Iran Affirm Determination to Continue the Fight against Terrorism

DAMASCUS- President Bashar Al-Assad and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani in a phone conversation on Saturday affirmed their determination to continue the fight against terrorism until all terrorist organizations in Syria are eliminated.

President Rouhani stressed his country's firm support for the Syrian people until security and stability is restored to the entire Syrian territory and vowed assistance in reconstructing what the terrorists had destroyed during years of war.

The Iranian president reiterated that the Syrian people is the only party that has the right to decide the future of Syria away from foreign intervention, pointing out that the tripartite Summit in Sochi came to stress this right which is guaranteed by the UN Charter and the international law.

 President Al-Assad on his part, thanked Rouhani and the Iranian people and government for their support to help the Syrian people triumph over terrorism. He expressed confidence that Iran will be a partner in reconstructing Syria exactly as it was a partner in defeating terrorism.

He hailed Iran's stances on Syria and other countries of the region and praised its role in the fight against terrorism, pointing out that this role hasn't satisfied some Arab League countries and made it release unwise statements.

President Al-Assad stressed that the Arab League doesn't represent the Arab peoples, it represents itself only.

Hamda Mustafa