President Al-Assad: Developments in Several Countries of the World Proved Rightness of Syria's Policies

DAMASCUS, (ST- President Bashar Al-Assad has affirmed that developments in several countries of the region and the world have proved that since the beginning of the war, Syria has adopted right policies in the face of other policies adopted  by some regional and Western countries that have sought achieving their interests through spreading chaos in and destabilizing an important and sensitive region like the Middle East without taking the disastrous results of such policies into consideration.

 During his meeting on Wednesday with Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari, President  Al-Assad said that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army in cooperation with its allies and back up forces in addition to the political stances of Syria and the allied countries, mainly Iran, have not only contributed to inflicting successive defeats upon the terrorist organizations, but also helped consolidate the international law and countries' right to defend their sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and to prevent any party from interfering in their internal affairs.

On his part, Jaberi Ansari said Syria’s steadfastness and achievements in the war on terrorism in addition to the restoration of security to all Syrian cities and areas will be a victory not only for the Syrian people, but also for the Iranian people and all other peoples of the world who believe in their right to defend their countries, independence and sovereignty.

The importance of continuous Syrian-Iranian coordination, particularly in the fight against terrorism and in the efforts to find effective solutions to all problems facing the region was stressed during the meeting between President al-Assad and Jaberi Ansari.

Hamda Mustafa