President Al-Assad: Countries that Supported Syrians' War against Terrorism to Have Priority in Syria’s Reconstruction

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab Army on terrorism with the help of friendly countries, especially Russia, and the restoration of security and stability to several liberated areas have paved the way for speeding up the economic wheel and for the start of reconstruction in the country, President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed, pointing out that it is normal for countries which supported the Syrian people in their war against terrorism, to have priority as regards participation in Syria’s reconstruction process.

 The president made the remarks during his meeting on Monday with a Russian government delegation comprising directors and representatives of big Russian companies led by Russia’s Deputy Minister of Energy Kiril Molodtsov.

Talks during the meeting dealt with enhancing the Syrian-Russian strategic ties through boosting trade and economic cooperation and encouraging investments between the two countries, particularly in the areas of oil, gas, phosphate, transport, pharmaceutical industries and water resources.

Focus was made on speeding up the process of reconstructing what the war on Syria had destroyed.

On his part, Molodtsov said participating in rebuilding Syria is one of the priorities of many Russian companies, noting the need to benefit from the big available opportunities in this respect so as to serve the interests of both countries.

He affirmed that Russia, as people, leadership and government, is determined to continue supporting the Syrian people in the confrontation of the terrorist war until terrorism in Syria is completely eliminated.

Hamda Mustafa