President Al-Assad: Majority of Arab Peoples Support the Syrians against Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that visits by Arab popular delegations to Syria have special and great meaning for the Syrian people, particularly as the majority of Arab peoples back the Syrians in the face of terrorism, bloodshed and destruction, whereas the Arab regimes, which have backed and funded the terrorism hitting Syria, are not worth mentioning compared to this majority.

The president made the remarks during a meeting on Saturday with a Mauritanian parliamentary delegation representing some Mauritanian parties and led by leader of the Mauritanian Ravah (welfare) Party Mohamed Ould Vall.

President Al-Assad reiterated that dialogue among parliaments and parties across the Arab arena is very important and essential as to form a unified vision on issues and challenges facing the Arab nation.

He said "Arabism is a matter of belongingness not ideas in books..Diversity in the Arab region is natural so there must be a comprehensive vision on the idea of belongingness so as to get out of the struggle of identity we are experiencing".

Syria is in the heart of every Mauritanian citizen

On their part, members of the guest delegation said that Syria is in the heart of every Mauritanian citizen and despite being geographically far from Syria, the Mauritanian people follow up the details of events in Syria.

They added that Mauritania, officially and popularly, supports the Syrian state, people, army and leadership in the face of the unprecedented terrorist aggression, pointing out that Syria is being targeted because of its adherence to its sovereignty and independent decision and honorable stances on Arab causes.

According to the delegation's members, the victories being achieved in Syria against terrorism are victories for all freedom-loving peoples of the world. They said that the most important battle now is that of reconstruction and rebuilding what terrorism has destroyed, expressing confidence that the steadfast Syrian people will be able to rise again and rebuild their country.

Hamda Mustafa