President Al-Assad: Some Western Governments Still Supporting Terrorist Organizations in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that some western governments are still supporting terrorist organizations in Syria both directly and indirectly despite their suffering from terrorism which has begun to hit back in their countries.

The president made the remarks during his meeting on Sunday with an Italian parliamentary delegation led by Senator Paolo Romani, Head of the Italian Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the latest developments in Syria under the ongoing terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people, the delegation's impression about what they saw during their visits to several liberated areas, in addition to the negative and misleading image presented in the western media about Syria during the war.

 President Al-Assad said that European delegations' visits to Syria to be briefed on the real situation here would play an important role in changing the western public opinion towards what is going on in Syria, particularly after people in the West have realized that their media had lied to them to serve the policies of the governments not the peoples.

He added that such visits also may help in lifting the economic siege which worsens the suffering of the Syrians' life.

On their part, members of the delegation expressed their solidarity with the Syrian people in their war on foreign-backed terrorism, pointing out that the terrorism which has been hitting Syria for years has started to attack many European countries and to pose serious threat to the life, security and future of the European peoples.

Members of the delegation affirmed that they will spare no effort as to explain the facts about Syria events whether in Italy or in other European countries and vowed continuous work to life the unjust siege imposed on the Syrian people.

Hamda Mustafa