Stricter Measures against Corruption Urged

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has called for adopting stricter measures against corruption, negligence and poor performance at state institutions.

The president, who made the remarks during a meeting on Sunday with Amina al-Shammat, the Chairwoman of the Central Commission for Inspection and Control, said that the ongoing war in the country has contributed to the spread of corruption and negligence, thus more efforts should be exerted to uproot these manifestations and enforce the law. He stressed the role that can be played by the Commission in this respect.

 President Al-Assad also urged more effective monitoring of the performance of government institutions and stressed the importance of not allowing any party whatsoever to intervene in the work of the Commission.

On her part, al-Shammat said that combating corruption and poor performance at government institutions will be a top priority of the commission's work in the coming era.

Hamda Mustafa