President Al-Assad: Syria's Steadfastness Result of Syrians' Awareness, Confidence in Their Army

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Syria's steadfastness in the face of the terrorist war, which, in a big part of it, carries extremist and takfiri mentality that has nothing to do with the Syrian people, has been the result of the Syrian people's awareness and their confidence in their army, President Bashar Al-Assad underscored during a meeting on Sunday with a delegation of dignitaries and representatives of civil society as well as social, cultural and popular figures from the Syrian province of Hama, according to the Syrian Presidency website.

 President Al-Assad hailed the awareness and high sense of responsibility of the people of Hama who protected their city against sedition calls and takfiri ideas which have been promoted to target Syria.

On their part, members of the delegation affirmed their determination to continue supporting the Syrian state in the face of terrorism and extremism. They stressed that Syria's strength lies in the unity of its people, which has been deepened and enhanced  by the city's locals in order not to leave any point of weakness that can be used by enemies of the homeland to target and harm Syria.

Hamda Mustafa