Syrian People's Adherence to National Unity, Diversity Foiled Terrorist Takfiri War Imposed on Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the Syrian people, through their steadfastness and adherence to national unity, diversity and belief in the homeland, have managed to foil the terrorist takfiri war imposed on them aiming to fragment the homogeneous social structure of which the Syrian society has been distinguished for centuries.   

President Al-Assad made the remarks during a meeting on Tuesday with a delegation representing the Patriarchate of the Melkite Greek Catholics led by Patriarch Yousef al-Absi. The meeting was held on the occasion  of Al-Absi's appointment as the patriarch of Antioch and All East for Melkite Greek Catholics.

 President Al-Assad hailed the key national role the church has been playing in order to enhance national unity in general and during the war in particular, through boosting national belongingness in the confrontation of all attempts aiming to sow extremist takfiri ideas and through adherence to the Syrian national roots and to the security, stability and territorial unity of the country.

Patriarch Yousef al-Absi and members of the delegation, on their part, said that they are confident in Syria's victory and in the restoration of peace and security to the entire territory, because Syria is now leading the struggle against the schemes that seek spreading extremism, terrorism and takfiri thinking.


Hamda Mustafa