President Al-Assad and His Family Visit Wounded Army Personnel in Hama Countryside

HAMA, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad and his family on Monday visited Syrian army wounded personnel at their houses in their villages in Hama countryside. The wounded soldiers were injured while defending their homeland against takfiri terrorism.

 The visit comes within the framework of the "The Homeland's Wounded" program launched by the presidency in 2014 to provide assistance to all the army personnel who were wounded while defending their homeland against terrorism. The project targets all the wounded soldiers and gives worst injuries priority.

In Tel Aafar village, the president visited Mohamad Ahmad Khalil, whose wounds have caused 90 percent disability rate. Kalil's treatment is being followed up by the "Homeland Wounded" program which also helped the wounded soldier to establish a productive project based on sheep breeding.


President Al-Assad and his family also visited Fater Hassan Mansour from Rab'u village to check his health condition. Mansour, whose injury has also caused 90 percent disability, is also supported by the program through providing him with an income sources via an economic project.

In Matna village, the president and his family visited Ahmad Mohammad al-Ali, who despite his injury, stressed determination to continue defending Syria till victory is achieved. Supported by the program, the wounded is now running a livestock breeding project as to ensure income source.

Ayham Mahmoud Dunya, a wounded soldier from Matna village, was also visited by President Al-Assad and his family. The program provided support to Dunya including prosthetics and surgery that allowed him to walk again. It also helped him establish a project as an income source.

The “Homeland’s Wounded” program, launched in 2014 by the Syrian Presidency, aims at supporting wounded troops and civilians by providing their needs, mainly those whose wounds prevent them from carrying on their normal lives. The program provided prosthetics and productive projects for the injured with the aim of employing all available resources to alleviate the suffering of the injured and treat them.

In 2015, the program helped 435 injured people with full disability, in addition to carrying out 285 productive projects for them that provide revenue and allow them to achieve self-dependence.

In July 2016, President Al-Assad and his wife Asma Al-Assad visited a number of wounded army personnel at their houses in Homs countryside.

Hamda Mustafa