President Al-Assad Stresses Dynamic Thinking of Baath Party

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday received a delegation representing the regional leaderships participating in the 14th National Conference of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) that concluded its deliberations yesterday.

 Talks dealt with the results of the conference, mainly the formation of a national council that consists of the regional secretaries of the Baath parties in the Arab countries.  

President Al-Assad stressed that forming a national council reflects the dynamic thinking of the Baath party which has been able to adapt to surrounding circumstances without giving up its principles.

 "This radical change in the party's organizational formula reflects the ability of the Baath Party to meet the demands of the current era and at the same time enhances the party's role in confronting the aggression that have been targeting Arab national feeling aiming to divide the Arab peoples on sectarian and ethnic basis," said President Al-Assad. 

He urged wide participation by all the party leaderships member in the council in putting a national charter for the Baath in a way that copes with developments, takes the particularity of each country into consideration and addresses the young generations in a modern language.

According to the delegation's members, moving from the centralization to participatory administration is an important step to upgrade pan-Arab action and enhance the party's vividness in a way that enables the party to play its key role in the Arab region.

They voiced their support for Syria in the face of the ongoing terrorist war which targets Syria's national course and independent decision being  the base for pan-Arab action.

Hamda Mustafa