Attempt to Hit Arab Identity and Culture Is the Most Dangerous Aspect of Terrorist War on Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- One of the most dangerous aspects of the terrorist war imposed on Syria and the region is the attempt to target the Arab identity and culture and to distort the idea of belongingness to Arabism and the Arab homeland through disseminating extremist thinking, President Bashar Al-Assad told a delegation representing the Popular Front for the Tunisian National Parties during a meeting on Wednesday.

 President Al-Assad affirmed the role that can be played by Arab political parties and popular organizations in the confrontation of the ongoing cultural war through finding out the causes of deteriorated Arab situation and through adopting a pan Arab national project based on deep party and social dialogue.

On their part, members of the Tunisian delegation reiterated that Syria is being targeted in such a heinous an unprecedented way because it is the last gate of resistance against western and Zionist schemes and because it has been a staunch defender of Arab nationalism.

They voiced solidarity with the Syrian state and people, hailing the exceptional steadfastness of the Syrians in the face of the terrorist war.

Hamda Mustafa