European Countries' Wrong Policies on Syria Led to Spread of Terrorism, Refugee Crisis

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The wrong policies adopted by European countries on Syria and the entire region, represented by supporting terrorism and extremism and imposing economic sanctions on peoples, have led to the spread of terrorism and to a huge wave of refugees to Europe, President Bashar Al-Assad told a European parliamentary delegation led by Javier Couso, Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee during a meeting on Sunday.

 Talks during the meeting dealt with the latest developments in Syria, European Union's policies towards the terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people and prospects of finding effective solutions to end this war.

President Al-Assad said that the huge disinformation and misleading media campaign adopted by most western media outlets against Syria within the years of the war have led the western media to lose credibility even by the western public opinion. These policies have also contributed to increasing the visits of European parliamentarians to Syria aiming to know the truth and get a real image of what is going on in country in order to convey this image to the people in their countries, the president added.

On their part, members of the delegation, who represent several European countries and parties, affirmed their determination to press ahead with their effort as to correct the wrong view points, at political and public levels, on what is going on in Syria in order to help restore diplomatic ties between the EU countries and Syria and lift the sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, thereby contributing to restoring security and stability to Syria.

 In the same context, Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem held a meeting with the guest European parliament delegation during which al-Moallem asserted that Syria backs and complies with all sincere efforts aiming to find political solution to the crisis in the country through encouraging dialogue among the Syrians without foreign interference and through enhancing national reconciliation.

Hamda Mustafa