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The Pivotal Role of Russia Worldwide Underlined

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian People are determined to defend their country and to pursue the path of national reconciliations as the best way forward for ending war and achieving the peaceful solution, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Receiving a Russian Parliamentarian delegation chaired by MP Dmitry Sablin, who coordinates between the Russian Duma MPs and Syrian MPs, President Assad highly evaluated the stances of Russia and the sacrifices in the fight against terrorist organizations.

President Assad cited the pivotal role of Russia, in Syria as well as in the international stage, in the face of the Western schemes a to exert hegemony on the states which are committed  to their sovereignty and defense of their peoples' interests.

H.E. underlined that the course of conditions in Syria goes in the direction up to what both Syria and Russia desire.


Members of the visiting Russian  Delegation reiterated that the People of Russia support the Syrian People in their war against terrorism and back President Vladimir Putin' s decisions in this regard, hence the consequences of this war would but impact of the future not only of Syria, Russia, but of the entire world.

The Russian MPs further underscored Russia's keenness on providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrian People as to alleviate their sufferings caused by the terrorist war, asserting the necessity for the rallying of all efforts as to end such sufferings and to restore peace and stability to Syria as soon as possible.

The talks during the meeting focused at the latest developments in Syria, bilateral relations between both friendly countries and the need for bolstering them, particularly in the field of fighting terrorism and reconstruction for what the war imposed upon Syria caused.


H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received on November 22, 2016,    a Russian delegation, chaired by Dmitry Rogozin, the Deputy Premier of the Russian Federation.

The visiting Russian delegation comprises the deputy ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Economic Development, Energy and Agriculture.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the close bilateral historic relations  between Syria  and Russia in light of the standing coordination in the field of fighting terrorism and the economic and trade fields.

The stances and policies  taken by Russia at the international level and as regards the war of terrorism against Syria have indeed proved the natural position of Russia as a great power based on principles, values , commitment to international law and the respect for states' sovereignty and right to self-determination.

President Assad cited the importance of the Russian support for Syria in all fields, particularly in the economic field which concretely contributed to reduce the Syrians' sufferings, caused by the war of terrorism and the for years unjust imposed economic sanction.

Mr. Rogozin underscored that the main goal for the political, economic and military assistance provided by the Russian Federation to Syria, government and people, is but to bolster the steadfastness factors against terrorism, which perpetrates heinous crimes against Syrians where the dangers of such terrorism extended to many worldwide spots.

On April 12, 2016, President Assad stressed that the great gains made in the battle against terrorists in different parts of Syria were achieved thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army and to the effective support of Syria’s friends, with Russia at the top of the list.

During His Excellency’s meeting with a Russian delegation comprising parliamentarians, men of religion, journalists and social figures, President Assad hailed the historic friendship between Syria and Russia.

 Talks during the meeting dealt with the situation in Syria and the ongoing war on terrorism.

President Assad said that the positive role played by Russia in Syria and at the international level has redrew the world political map and proved that Russia is a superpower with certain strategy based on adherence to principles and values and on the implementation of the International Law.

On their part, members of the guest delegation voiced the Russian Parliament’s support for the Syrians’ steadfastness and determination to protect their state.

They stressed that the terrorist war targeting Syria and the unjust economic siege against the Syrian people were the result of Syria’s being one of the few states that are still adherent to their sovereignty and independence. This has been evident in the great popular momentum which accompanies the parliamentary elections in Syria, members of the delegation noted.


President Bashar Al-Assad on October 25, 2015,  stressed that “eliminating the terrorist organizations will lead to the political solution Syria and Russia are seeking and that satisfies the Syrian people and maintains State’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

President Al-Assad remarks were made during his meeting with the visiting Russian parliamentary delegation led by Sergei Gavrilov, Chairman of the State Duma’s Committee on Property Affairs.

 Talks dealt with the deeply-rooted historical ties between the Syrian and the Russian peoples and with methods of enhancing cooperation particularly in the area of fighting terrorism, boosting economic relations and providing humanitarian assistance.

H.E. President Al-Assad highly appreciated the Russian supportive stances towards the Syrian people and which have recently embodied in the Russian air force support for the Syrian army in its battle against terrorism.

“The Russian stance means writing a new history, because this war on terrorism will specify the future of the region and the entire world and victory over terrorism will protect not only Syria but all countries of the world,” President Al-Assad said.

On their part, members of the Russian delegation affirmed that the Russian people are backing the efforts being exerted by President Al-Assad in the fight against terrorism and which lay the foundation for restoring peace and stability to Syria and lead to forming a new world order based on justice.

 The guest delegation believed that the support given at the State Duma to President Vladimir Putin's decision on Russian air force’s participation in the war against terrorism in Syria, expresses the support of all components of the Russian society, because the struggle is against a common enemy and we should triumph in this war.

During his meeting with President Putin last Tuesday in Moscow, President Al-Assad asserted the need to stop all forms of support to the terrorist organizations and to open the way for the Syrian people to determine their future themselves.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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