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EU Countries Isolated Themselves

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Most of European countries have adopted unrealistic policy since the beginning of the war in Syria, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Receiving a Belgian Parliamentarian delegation chaired by MP Filip Dewinter, President Assad added and in consequence these EU countries isolated themselves and destroyed every possible role and inflicted damage on the interests of their people through backing organization which perpetrated every terrorism against the Syrian People.

''There are Western politicians who work for their win in elections and not for the interest of their people and countries; which, in turn, affected the EU status and role in the world,'' outlined President Assad.

Viewpoints were exchanged regarding new developments in Syria and latest international changes.

Members of the visiting Belgian Delegation asserted that eliminating terrorism in Syria would definitely lead to its shrinking worldwide, highly lauding the success of the Syrian Arab Army in liberation Aleppo from terrorist.

The members of the delegation described their current visit, particularly to Aleppo, as very fruitful leading to help public opinion as to be acquainted with the reality in Syria away from media lies and distortions.

Yesterday, MP  Dewinter  expressed anger over the Belgian government's non-objective stance towards the Syrian government as it doesn't see that the wahhabi terrorism targeting Syria will expand to reach Europe.    

In a press conference on Sunday, Dewinter said the Belgian government implements the dictates of the United States, expressing hope that things will change with the new American administration and Belgium will be able to make independent decisions.

The Belgian lawmaker announced that members of the delegation will spare no effort to pressure on the Belgian parliament and the international organizations as to help lift the economic siege imposed on Syria. He said that during their visit to hospitals and makeshift housing centers, members of the delegation saw how the siege has directly affected the life of the Syrian people.

 Foreign-backed Terrorists Seek Destroying Syria to Eliminate Country's Secular Values

Dewinter affirmed the need to unify all efforts aiming to fight the terrorism which is targeting Syria and threatening the entire world, pointing out that the wahhabi terrorists, backed by Gulf states and Turkey, seek destroying Syria as to eliminate the country's secular values.

"Making a shift in the European government's views about the stance towards Syria needs more time and the visit of European politicians to Syria to know the reality of events in the country needs enough political courage," Dewinter said, pointing out that many countries have practiced wrong policies towards Syria, including Turkey which facilitated the entry of terrorists into the country and funded and armed them.

Dr. Mohmmad Abdo Al-Ibrahim/ Hamda Mustafa