President Al-Assad: Syrian Industrialists’ Steadfastness under Crisis a Source of Pride

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Tuesday received a number of industrialists from Damascus and Damascus Countryside who were affected by the crisis and lost their industrial facilities, but started working again in small workshops.

Talks dealt with the difficulties facing the Syrian industrialists under the crisis in the country in addition to ways of overcoming these obstacles as to help them start again and develop their industries in a way that pushes the wheel of economy forward.

President Al-Assad said the Syrians’ will to live has been one of the main factors of Syria’s steadfastness in the face of the terrorist aggression.

 “The Syrian industrialists, who kept steadfast within the crisis and continue working despite their losses, are a source of pride,” President Al-Assad stressed, pointing out that the war, Syria has been experiencing, was not confined to the military side, but it also targeted other aspects including the country’s economy.

The president clarified that the industrialists’ determination to continue working though within smaller framework have played appositive role in preserving the country’s economy and keeping its wheel working.

On their part, the industrialists talked about the losses they suffered during the ongoing war, but affirmed that this loss couldn’t prevent them to continue their works through opening small workshops to start again until they return to their factories.  

They asserted that they are determined to enhance the level of production so they can enter Arab and world markets again.

Hamda Mustafa