President Al-Assad to Russian Delegation: Eliminating Terrorism Will Lead to the Political Solution Syria and Russia are Seeking

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday stressed that “eliminating the terrorist organizations will lead to the political solution Syria and Russia are seeking and that satisfies the Syrian people and maintains State’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

President Al-Assad remarks were made during his meeting with the visiting Russian parliamentary delegation led by Sergei Gavrilov, Chairman of the State Duma’s Committee on Property Affairs.

 Talks dealt with the deeply-rooted historical ties between the Syrian and the Russian peoples and with methods of enhancing cooperation particularly in the area of fighting terrorism, boosting economic relations and providing humanitarian assistance.

H.E. President Al-Assad highly appreciated the Russian supportive stances towards the Syrian people and which have recently embodied in the Russian air force support for the Syrian army in its battle against terrorism.

“The Russian stance means writing a new history, because this war on terrorism will specify the future of the region and the entire world and victory over terrorism will protect not only Syria but all countries of the world,” President Al-Assad said.

On their part, members of the Russian delegation affirmed that the Russian people are backing the efforts being exerted by President Al-Assad in the fight against terrorism and which lay the foundation for restoring peace and stability to Syria and lead to forming a new world order based on justice.

 The guest delegation believed that the support given at the State Duma to President Vladimir Putin's decision on Russian air force’s participation in the war against terrorism in Syria, expresses the support of all components of the Russian society, because the struggle is against a common enemy and we should triumph in this war.

During his meeting with President Putin last Tuesday in Moscow, President Al-Assad asserted the need to stop all forms of support to the terrorist organizations and to open the way for the Syrian people to determine their future themselves.

Hamda Mustafa/ Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim



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