Stability in Syria to be positively reflected on the region and on Europe

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The stability in Syria is to be positively reflected on the region stability as well as on stability in Europe, Jean-Frederic Poisson, member of the National Assembly of France and Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party, underscored here Sunday.

Received by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, Mr. Poisson asserted that such a stability would never be achieved but through supporting the Syrian State and dialogue with President Al-Assad as to solve the crisis in Syria and in parallel with the fighting against terrorism.

The French veteran Parliamentarian underlined the necessity of cooperation with the Syrian Government as to eliminate terrorism and limit its risks.

H. E. President Al-Assad reiterated the importance of the role played by wise Parliamentarians and Politicians in France and Europe in general in correcting Western policies towards Syria and the region.

Such Western policies have been proved as a failure contributing to the expansion and proliferation of terrorism, reaching to European States, because they paid no heed to the region people's demands, interference in the region domestic affairs, and because they pursued double standards in fighting terrorism, H.E. President Assad pointed out.

President Assad spoke during the meeting about the war waged by the Syrian People against the terrorist organizations, backed by regional and European countries, and about the risks of this very terrorism against the region stability as well as of Europe stability in general.

MP Poisson stated that the crisis in Syria could not be solved through the EU or the West in general nor by the US without talking with President Bashar Al-Assad.

MP Poisson referred to the disinformation and misleading the European people are being subjected to in regard to the nature of the events taking place in Syria. 


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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