Fighting Terrorism on Behalf of the Entire World Underlined

 DAMASCUS, (ST) _ all countries should rally and exert efforts as to fight and eliminate terrorism, underscored H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Meeting the two envoys of South Africa President to the Middle East, Dr. Zola Skweyiya and Aziz Pahad and the delegation accompanying, President Assad Pointed out that terrorism, with its extremist ideology, has become a global problem with no borders or specific location.

President Assad briefed the visiting delegation on the risks of takfiri and extremist terrorism which the Syrian People are being exposed to and with direct support from some parties and countries in the region and under the cover of some western countries which claim to fight terrorism.

President Assad added that the people of the region believe that BRICS, in which South Africa is a member, can play an active role in rallying efforts as to fight terrorism, given the fact that the basic objective of BRICS members has ever been to establish and consecrate world stability and security through the establishment of balance international relations and through commitment to the standing international conventions, based on the respect for states integrity, sovereignty and the peoples right to self destiny.

The visiting South African President two envoys asserted that their country is to work through BRICS and African Unions in support of the Syrian People in confronting the terrorism against Syrians, as Syria, on behalf the entire world, is fighting terrorism under the leadership of President Assad.

The two envoys voiced support for the ongoing efforts as to find a peaceful settlement for the crisis in Syria and strong belief that the Syrians would, away from foreign interference, find solutions through national dialogue up to the expectations of the Syrians in perseverance of the sovereignty and integrity of Syria.

South Africa President, Mr. Jacob Zuma's greetings to President Assad were conveyed, where President Zuma asserted too the keenness of South Africa on bolstering bilateral relations and continued coordination in the interest of the friendly people of both countries and their shared vision on the necessity of the bolstering of world peace and security.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Bouthaina Shabaan, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor, and the Ambassador of South Africa to Damascus, Mr. S E Byneveldt.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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