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Iran Support in the Battle against Terrorism


 DAMASCUS, (ST)_  The support provided to the Syrian People by the Islamic Republic of Iran is but a fundamental cornerstone in the battle against terrorism, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

President Al-Assad, during a meeting  with Mr. Ali Akbar Velayati , Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's top adviser on international affairs, blasted the support and backing provided by other countries in the region, on top of them stand Saudi Kingdom and Turkey, to the terrorists who have been perpetrating the most heinous crimes against the Syrian citizens.

 "The Axis of the Resistance has been well established at the international arena and none whoever  can ignore it," added President Al-Assad, citing the recent accomplishment for the Axis of Resistance regarding the Iranian achievement in the nuclear file.

President Al-Assad pointed out that some proxy countries have tried to retaliate against Iran's achievement through the escalation of their support to the terrorists, in Syria, Iraq, or in the Yemen, which do explain the escalation of terrorist acts in the said countries.

Dr.  Velayati pointed out that the mini-world war launched against Syria is because of the pivotal role of Syria in the Axis of the Resistance, asserting that the steadfastness of the Syrian People and Leadership has foiled the sinister bids as to break the said Axis, which has become stronger and more steadfast and firm and the big victory against terrorists in Qalamoun  proves this.

Dr.  Velayati reiterated that Iran, people and Leadership, is determined to continue supporting and standing by Syria with whatever needed in bolstering of the Syrians' resistance in defense of Syria and in the fight against terrorism and the countries backing it.

Viewpoints were identical on the region issues discussed, the importance of the standing bilateral strategic relations, a big pillar in encountering western schemes and illusions of reviving empires by some regional countries, extremist forces, and wahabi terrorism, which launched aggressions on the region people and sought to weaken and dismember the region countries.

Dr.  Velayati, in statements to the press following the meeting, described the talks held with President Al-Assad as constructive with the framework of the standing friendship and strategic relations.

"We congratulate President Al-Assad on the accomplishments in Qalamon. The wisdom of President Al-Assad and the steadfastness of the Syrians in fighting the terrorists who have nothing to do with Islam have increased the popularity of President Al-Assad," said Dr. Velyati.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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