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President Al-Assad Meets Boroujerdi, Stresses Escalation of Terrorist War on Syria Won’t Weaken Syrians’ Determination to Eliminate Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that escalating the war on the Syrian people by the terrorists and their supporters and using fabrications and misinformation campaigns to achieve what they couldn’t achieve on ground won’t weaken the Syrians’ steadfastness and determination to eliminate terrorism with the help of Syria’s friends, particularly Iran.

President Al-Assad’s remarks came during H.E.’s meeting on Wednesday with Alauddin Boroujerdi, Chairman of the Iranian Security and Foreign Policy Commission in the Iranian Shura Council (parliament).

 President Al-Assad congratulated Iran on the success achieved in the Iranian nuclear file, reiterating that “the Syrian people, like other peoples of the world who insist on preserving their sovereignty and independent decision, see in this achievement a great victory to all the peoples who believe in their legitimate rights and just causes.”

Talks during the meeting dealt with the fraternal relations between Syria and Iran and the mutual keenness of the two countries’ leaderships on enhancing cooperation and coordination at all levels and in different domains.

Focus was made on the continuous support provided by some countries and regional powers to armed terrorist groups and on the using of these groups to serve the interests of their supporters and to hit stability and disseminate chaos in the entire Middle East.

On his part, Boroujerdi stressed that the steadfastness and strong will of the Syrian people, army and leadership are able to defeat terrorism and its supporters. He affirmed that the Islamic republic of Iran, which has supported Syria and the Syrians’ just causes, will keep supporting Syria and will spare no effort to help the Syrians withstand the war until they achieve victory on terrorism.

“No power in the world can affect the distinguished relation between the Syrian and Iranian peoples or on undermine their will to restore stability to the region, Borouherdi said.

The meeting was attended by Director of the National Security Bureau Ali Mamlouk and the Iranian Ambassador in Damascus Mohammad Riza Raouf Shibani.

Hamda Mustafa