Reality is different from propagated by some politicians and mass media means: President Al-Assad underscores.


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ "The reality of the ongoing on earth is diametrically different from the propagated by some politicians and mass media means which distort and mislead the public opinion in their countries for narrow interests and deformed visions, not in the interest of their people.'' President Bashar Al-Assad underlined  in his meeting with the visiting Belgian Party and Parliamentary delegation, chaired by Belgium MP, Filip Dewinte.

H.E. President Al-Assad pointed out that the delegations visiting Syria and meeting the Syrian could contribute to correcting the public opinion for their people about the reality of the Syrian People war against terrorism

 President Al-Assad underscored that the terrorist organizations and those who support them have nothing to do with the true Islam, built on fraternity and tolerance, which abhors and rejects all kinds of violence.

Members of the visiting Belgium delegation expressed the belief that Syria is the first line of defense in the face of  extremism and terrorism and is the sole country encountering the terrorists on earth.

The delegation pointed out that if, God forbid, the Syrian line against terrorism is collapsed, the terrorism would massively spread to European countries and so the entire world should stand by Syria  in its war against terrorism.

The Syrians' will, witnessed and felt by the members of the delegation during the visit, is the mainj factor in defeating terrorism and restoring stability to Syria, according to some members of the delegation.

M. Al-Ibrahim