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President Al-Assad: Friendly Countries’ Support Greatly Enhanced Syrian People’s Steadfastness

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday Received Iran’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Ali Tayyeb Nia and the accompanying delegation.

His Excellency stressed that the economic siege imposed on the Syrian people and the destruction of the infrastructure are main elements of the terrorist aggression facing Syria, pointing out that the support of friendly countries particularly Iran has played great role in enhancing the steadfastness of the Syrian people.

President Al-Assad affirmed the importance of consolidating the strategic economic cooperation between Syria and Iran to serve the interests of the peoples of both countries.

On his part, the Iranian minister affirmed that the Syrian-Iranian ties are strong, deeply rooted and inseparable, stressing his country’s readiness to transfer the Iranian expertise in the areas of technical and engineering development to Syria.

The minister pointed out that his country believes that it is Iran’s duty to support the Syrian state and people, because Syria was and is still the main party which confronts the Zionist schemes in the region.

“Syria’s victory in the terrorist war it is facing is a main element in restoring security and stability to the entire region,” 

Following the meeting, President Al-Assad made a statement to the Iranian TV in which His Excellency commented on the change made in the stances of some countries known of their hostility to Syria and their calls on President Al-Assad to step down, by saying: “only the Syrian people have the final say in this issue, so everything said about this point from the beginning of the crisis until now means nothing to us.”

“Within this context, we used to listen to the Syrian people and watch their reactions and aspirations,” the President said, pointing out that everything coming from abroad is merely bubbles in the air.

Concerning the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s call for dialogue with President Al-Assad, H.E. the president said “we are still listening to statements only and we should wait for actions and then decide.”   

On his view about the situation in Syria in the coming era, President Al-Assad said “we don’t have any option but to defend our homeland”

 “Any international changes within this framework are positive if they are true and have influence on ground,” the president added, stressing that such change “should start with stopping the political, financial and arms support for terrorists and with pressuring the European countries and their agents in the region to halt their logistic and military assistance to the armed terrorists and extremists…Then we can say that the change has become real.”


Hamda Mustafa