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Syrian- Iranian economic relations to be bolstered


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The economic vision between Syria and Iran should be in parallel with the political and strategic vision characterizing bilateral relations, outlined H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Meeting the visiting chairman of joint Iranian-Syrian economic relations committee development, Engineer Rustom Qassimi, and the accompanying delegation, President Al-Assad underlined the need for  facilitating measures and overcoming hurdles hindering the bolstering of economic relations in boosting up of the historic relations between Syrian and Iranian people in realization of their joined interests.


Discussions centered at the bolstering  of economic relations between Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as at the necessity of the best investment of standing opportunities in scores of vital sectors in the interest of both countries.

Engineers Qassimi renewed Iran's stance by the Syrian People in the face of the unjust war against Syria, asserting Iran's continued support and necessary experience provided to Syria as to enable it in the economic field and bolster its steadfastness as to achieve victory.

Mr. Qassimi pointed out that there were economic potentials in Syria and Iran and scores of projects to invest in the interest of the strategic relations between both countries.

In a similar meeting on September 3rd, 2014, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad underscored  that the Syrian People do welcome Iran's willingness to contribute to reconstruction process in Syria as well as the willingness of other friendly countries,

H.E. President Al-Assad pointed out that the Syrian People highly appreciate Iran's stance by Syria in confronting the schemes targeting the region people and their joint interests.

H.E. President Al-Assad reiterated the keenness of Syria on the bolstering of cooperation and coordination with Iran at the economic level in line with the standing distinguished political and historic relations.

On his part, Engineer Qassimi underlined the keenness of the Iranian leadership on working with Syria as to bolster its steadfastness factors as well as readiness to provide its experience, whatever necessary and expertise as far as the reconstruction process in Syria.

Engineer Qassimi lauded Syria's confrontation of the war imposed on it and voiced Iran's appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian People in the face of terrorism, which did not hamper Syria's pivotal role in the axis of resistance.

Prospects of boosting bilateral and cooperation relations at all levels were discussed in the interest of both countries and their friendly people.

M. Al-Ibrahim