Another Page of Glory

Syria is indeed a unique country; none in the world is similar to anything Syrian. Syria's ongoing war against terrorists from dozens of world countries is a clear example for its specialty and peculiarity. Syria, the birthplace, cradle and center  for the three monotheist religions  is proud of its secularity. This very secularity was the target by those who claim to defend secularity and democracy, not to mention those among the ewes and extremists. One way of the multinational terrorist aggression was through supporting and arming  Al-Qaeda affiliates and the other was through sinister bids to disfigure and spoil everything Syrian, including Syria's first multi-candidate presidential elections.

Actually, the recently concluded elections, given their outcomes, turnouts, organization, are but a further page of glory in Syria's history. The congratulatory cables received by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad underlined and showed the many of noble and sublime recognitions and respect: for President Vladimir Putin, the guardian of world balance, the outcomes of the elections asserted  the confidence entrusted by the Syrian  people in President Al-Assad, for  President Kim Jong-Un of the  Democratic  People’s Republic of Korea,  the elections outcome constitutes an important step in the struggle of the Syrian people to overcome all the challenges imposed by hostile forces as to safeguard national sovereignty and restore  security and safety to the country.

Yes, the huge crowds flocking to balloting boxes  was but the strong message by the Syrians to the West and the countries involved in the war against Syria that the Syrian people. The Syrian model of democracy was but, according to  President Maduro of Venezuela, a political and electoral victory for the Syrian people, and that the strength shown by Syrians inside the country and abroad by voting constitutes a clear message of support in the struggle against terrorist groups and their supporters. The success of the presidential elections in Syria and the victory of President Bashar Al-Assad have been indeed the victory of  all honest Syrian citizens, according to Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and Supreme Head of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church.

President Al-Assad's election victory is, moreover, a confirmation of the spirit of peace that characterizes the Syrian people, according to President Daniel Ortega Saavedra of Nicaragua. According to  Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the hero of Resistance, the Syrian Presidential elections confirmed that: the millions of the Syrian voters have preserved their country's integrity and permanence, the Syrian government is still able to manage the citizens affairs, the Syrians can determine their destiny, regardless of all the foreign wills, the battle is not between the Syrians and the regime. This popular turnout represents a major victory for Syria leadership, who wants to reach a political solution in Syria must not ignore the results of the presidential elections, and that any political solution must start and end with president Bashar Al-Assad.

According to President Hassan Rouhani of Iran, the elections embody the will of the resistant Syrian people and their keenness on consolidating their presence in the political arena and determining their future in reflection of the confidence of the Syrian people in President Al-Assad and his determination to go forward  towards stability, security and the national accord.

According to U.S. Senator of Virginia, Richard Black, the elections were a resounding victory for the Syrian people: “I apologize for the rude and inappropriate comments of the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about the elections. No rational can ignore elections in which three-quarters of voters chose a candidate by a margin of nine to one. Fortunately, Kerry is not eligible to elect presidents, but it is the right of the Syrian people. It was a day when your country was a heaven of stability and religious harmony, culture and civilization, and your election brings hope to those who dream of restoring the greatness that Syria had enjoyed." Senator Black said in a congratulatory cable to H.E. President Al-Assad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim